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Wake up! welcomes two new volunteers

Sunday, January 14, 2018
Welcome to our two new volunteers, Jule and Lea

We are very happy to welcome our new volunteers: Jule Seidel and Lea Heldmann. We hope Wake Up! EEC can serve as your home away from home.

The centre welcomes any volunteer who is enthusiastic, energetic and willing to make a clear commitment: gap-year students, seniors, international and local volunteers. We can always use extra hands, energy and creative ideas in the classroom or the afternoon care. Furthermore we have various projects which need extra manpower (such as development of the playground and vegetable garden).

Trip to National Art Gallery

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Trip to National Art Gallery

We have been fortunate recently to have had an intern from the College of Arts, Ms Lulu, who came and gave our children a few presentations on Arts.

Miss Lulu, with the assistance of Ms Loes our Principal, shared on the theory and physical expressions of creativity through showing them pictures of paintings and a and a physical demonstration of sculpturing. It had been really informative and fun, especially when they took a field trip down to the National Art Gallery and the Owela Museum on The African Child Day.

Snake awareness session with the experts!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Thank you to Francois Theart, Ipinge Agapitus and colleagues from the Snake Conservation Association of Namibia for visiting Wake up and giving a most enlightening presentation on snakes today. They focused on teaching us 3 rules today: Stop, Retreat and Call an Adult. There was also time for questions and answers about snakes and for the children to interact with a non-venomous snake. I am sure this experience has raised our childrens' awareness and respect for snakes.